The Beyond The Desktop Experience

Breaking Development (BDConf) is a boutique multi location conference about the mobile web. It is a gathering of passionate, forward thinking web professionals looking to improve their mobile and Responsive Design skills and to interact with industry leaders in the areas of mobile design and User Experience.

What Makes BDConf So Great?

Low Attendee to Speaker Ratio

The attendee count is kept low to keep the speaker/attendee ratio high ( about 1/10 ). We are convinced that the best conferences provide ample opportunity for informal talks between both speakers and attendees. After years of hosting tech events, we’ve learned that the impromptu conversations among colleagues are sometimes the ones that inform and inspire the most.

The Content

Content for BDConf covers a wide range of topics. Soft sciences like Design and UX are emphasized as well as the technologies that drive multi device experience and the mobile web. We search for great speakers to provide content that helps our attendees understand more about the mobile web. We want every attendee to walk away from our event with a deeper knowledge how design and development have changed to accommodate the new technologies and the new way that users access information.

Small & Social

We opt to keep our events friendly, the topics focused and the content uninhibited by competing tracks. We choose to keep attendance at workable, pre-determined levels to enhance social networking opportunities.