What You Need to Convince Your Boss to Send You to BDConf Orlando

We were trying to think of cool things to tell you about the value of BDConf to you and your company, but we figured out that one our attendees kind of nailed it on the head:

“My favorite thing about this event is: I’m not sure I’ve been to a conference where every single speaker is really good, and interesting, and engaging, and has really actionable takeaways – and I found that to be the case here” – Hannah, Nashville

Couple what Hannah said with a fun atmosphere, other engaging attendees from top companies, and Florida in November – we’re guessing that’s good enough for you. Your boss however… may have the bottom line in mind, instead of your professional development (and you having a better life too!).

So we’ve figured that for every thing that may be of value for you – we wanted to help you convince your boss that it benefits them too:

Script for talking to your boss:

I, (state your name..jk), think it’s important that we send me to BDConf in Orlando on November 3rd-5th because of the following reasons:

For your boss: I’ll become a stronger asset to the company immediately – This is a professional development conference that focuses on design and development across multiple sized screens – the future of “mobile” design.

For you: Your stock increases in and outside of your company as you are now privy to the leading edge of mobiles design, from the people that are the architects of the tools we used today for tomorrow’s web design.

For your boss: I’ll make valuable connections – From networking events during the three days of the conference, I’ll meet accomplished creatives with unique skills and experiences to share – a collaborative network I can tap long after the conference. These people may become employees of ours or clients of ours in the future.

For you: Yep – a lot of socializing during three days of fun, with food and libations – you may meet potential employees, clients, or people who are looking to hire.

Some other reasons to attend:

  • This is where “Future Friendly” was conceived
  • Mobile is just the first step in designing for the multi-screen experience
  • The speakers – thought leaders in mobile design, development and UX
  • Practical lessons that can be integrated into your work today

If you still need help, here’s a great post by Tim Kadlec on BD Conf. A lengthy excerpt is below:

“It wasn’t what I was expecting, but it ended up being just what I needed.”

When one of the people who attended Breaking Development in Dallas, told me that on the last day of the event, I couldn’t help but smile. Single-track events are awesome, but they’re always a little nerve-wrecking as well. How do you balance code and design, pragmatic and conceptual? Each of those discussions has to happen to move the discussion forward, but balancing can be a challenge.

Sometimes the single track thing can scare people off. If you’re a designer, do you really want to sit through a bunch of talks about code? If you’re a developer working at a large corporation, do you really care about conceptual looks at what mobile could become? On paper these discussions sometimes feel like they’re going to be something that might not apply.

It’s often said that one of the great things about single-track events is you avoid the feeling of “missing out” which often comes with multi-track events. That’s certainly true, but the real beauty of single-track events is that it forces discussions to come together. Rubbing two stones together creates a spark. Similarly, allowing these discussions to take place together generates ideas that would not have been there otherwise. It also lets you avoid the feeling of “missing out” that often comes from multi-track events.

There are conferences that give you all of one thing: lots of live coding, all design, or all high-level inspiration talks. Breaking Development tries to blend them. There are talks that arm you with information that you can take back to your company and apply tomorrow, but there are also talks that you take with you and slowly digest over the next few months, forcing you to think bigger.

One of the great things about conferences is that blend, that tension between how do I get things done today and what will I be able to do tomorrow. Day to day work and pressing deadlines have a way of forcing us to put our heads down, and in some cases, forces us to lose some of the excitement we get from thinking about the potential of working on this incredible platform. But a good conference with great attendees recharges the batteries. It gets you excited again to work on the web while also arming you with the information you need to do awesome work at your company.

Full post here.