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Washington DC 2015

The Venue

1776 Crystal City

Address is 2231 Crystal Dr., 10th floor, Arlington, VA 22202

BD Conf DC will be held at the 1776 Crystal City. At its core, 1776 is a global incubator and seed fund that helps engineer the success of the world’s most promising startups tackling important challenges in areas like education, health, energy & sustainability, and transportation & smart cities. Official listing of BDConf on the 1776 website.
Hotel info coming soon!


October 22

October 23

Building World Class Product

Martin Ringlein

Lessons learned within top product teams from Twitter to The White House; from ideation to launch. Short stories on working within different product teams on launching "world class product". Each story will be from a different company on a different stage of the build process from Mashable to Apple to Oracle to Twitter to The Washington Post to Adobe to The White House.

A more beautiful & accessible web for all!

Megan Zlock

With an aging population and possible legislation changes around the corner, it's more important than ever that we build a more beautiful, accessible web for **all** our users. It's a responsibility that goes beyond government agencies and 508 compliance. With a little education and creative thinking, accessibility is achievable without changing our tools, our budgets, or our designs. I'll be breaking down WCAG 2.0 Level A standards with a focus on easy, approachable ways you can build sites to be more accessible.

Element Queries

Patrick Fulton

A good comprehensive intro to Element Queries. How to use them, where to use them and some pitfalls to look out for.


A catered lunch will be provided so you don't have to venture far from the networking and can hang with the speakers.

Native or not? The untapped power of web apps.

Dan Tello

There are countless articles touting the superiority of native apps over web. “60fps", full access to hardware, “jank free”, and so on. While these points are certainly valid, I think the hype has skewed the public perception of the potential power of web-based apps. Sure, we can’t do access everything from the browser, but we can access a whole lot. We can design for a touchscreen, a motion sensor, geolocation, audio, and general mobility—instantly accessible across platforms without needing to make room on your phone for yet another app. Through a behind the scenes look at the experiment and other examples, we’ll remind ourselves of what’s possible in a web app, and take critical look at the pros (and cons) of non-native development.

Modular Front-End Development with Sass

Bermon Painter

Discover the benefits of using Sass, a CSS pre-processor, along with Compass to help streamline front-end development, collaborate with other developers, and overall to help you enjoy writing CSS. The workshop will be divided up into 4 sections: basic, intermediate, advanced and tools of the trade and other fun tricks. You’ll need to bring your laptop with Sass and Compass installed.

What You'll Learn

  • Pre-processor basics & setup
  • Sass vs. SCSS syntax
  • Basic DRY concepts with variables and nesting
  • Functions and operations
  • Expanded DRY concepts with mixins, extend, and placeholders
  • Media queries
  • Lists and new Sass 3.3 features
  • Structuring Sass files and directories
  • Using Compass
  • Other frameworks
  • Front-end performance
  • Questions and tinkering

React.js: Thinking State First

Douglas Neiner

This talk will be an introduction to React, an ultra-fast, somewhat opinionated user-interface library from Facebook. React is a joy to use and boasts great performance on both desktop and mobile devices. More than just another library, React encourages developers to take approaches that make the resulting code simpler to understand, more predictable in behavior, and easier to test. Dive into using ReactJS and learn how thinking state first will change how you approach front end javascript development.

Speaker Wrap-up Panel

The day's speakers will assemble for a wrap-up session where you can ask questions and they discuss various topics.