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Ben Callahan – Small Screen Navigation & Hamburgers

Ben Callahan


The proliferation of responsive design to accommodate device agnostic websites has helped to solve many of the most pressing problems layout problems.

But with those solutions, come new challenges.

One of the most problematic areas with Responsive design is how to handle navigation. Should it be hidden behind the hamburger icon? Should it be located in the footer and linked to? Should it mirror native design patterns?

Giovanni sat down with Ben Callahan to discuss his unique approach to designing and conceptualizing mobile navigation.

About Ben

President of Sparkbox and founder of the Build Right workshop series, Ben shares his ideas about the web on the Sparkbox Foundry and other leading industry blogs. He’s incredibly grateful for the team at Sparkbox as they pioneer new responsive web design techniques, and he continues to push for great user experiences outside the context of specific devices. You can find him speaking around the world, rambling on Twitter, tinkering with his personal site, or in his backyard splitting wood for next winter.