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Hampton Catlin – The Future of SASS

Hampton Catlin


Hampton Caitlin developed Sass as a way to streamline styling and to provide designers with finer tools for creating markup and Sass has revolutionized the way that most web designers, including myself, write CSS.

The mass adoption of Sass and other preprocessors begs an important question: Why are the features that Sass provides not simply part of the spec for CSS? The answer is that some features look like they will be added to the next version of CSS and some will not.

Hampton has great insight into why this is the case, so I spoke to him about why certain features should be implemented in the browser and why certain features may never make their way into native CSS.

About Hampton Catlin

Hampton Catlin is the inventor of Sass, a CSS generating language, and the Haml markup language. He is the original creator of Wikipedia Mobile and is also the creator of several successful iPhone applications including Dictionary! Hampton is currently working on an open-source, collaborative dictionary that aims to democratize language called Wordset.

Hampton last spoke for us at BDConf Orlando and ConvergeFL.