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Stephanie Hay – Content-first UX Design

Stephanie Hay


Content-first UX Design

A common problem with production web design is developing a process that allows designers to use real content. Often, the message that the client wants to convey is a little unclear or the production timeline to launch is too short. When corners need to be cut to keep a project moving, attention to content is often the first item to go. In many design shops, lorem ipsum is the standard, not the exception.

Giovanni talks with Stephanie about how she promotes a content first approach that stands our traditional production process on its head and makes content and message the first priority, not the last.

About Stephanie Hay

Steph Hay is into Crossfit, the BBC, and sandwiches. She is the Director of Content Marketing at Capitol One. She has been  a content and UX consultant for Happy Cog and UIE, and she’s also the editor of Workspace Design Magazine, which she co-launched in 2010.