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Wren Lanier – Designing on the z-axis

Wren Lanier


Designing on the z-axis

Mobile experiences can be wonderful, but screen real estate is always limited. The context of content can be difficult to understand when experienced in such small chunks.

Wren Lanier has developed a number of ideas about how we can use visual depth and layering to communicate context and content to our users. Its something that she calls “Designing on the Z-Axis”. I spoke with Wren about her design ideas and how she incorporates them into her process.

About Wren Lanier

Wren is a designer with a passion for creating beautiful digital experiences. As a Principal atNeo, she helps her clients make products that people will love to use. When she’s not building internet things, Wren enjoys eating bagels, making trouble, and taking naps. She occasionally updates her blog and frequently overshares on twitter.