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UX: Continuous Discovery: Balancing “Agile”

The conversation around software development has historically been framed around the software developer’s workflow. As result, most of the product development methodologies that companies typically use work great for developers. However, these methods aren’t ideal for for user experience professionals or designers. Trying to break down the design process into a series of sprints is […]

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Bermon Painter

Build Right: Frontend Testing Workshop (1/2 Day)

Frontend projects are becoming more and more complex, pushing greater rules and requirements into the browser. We expect a lot from modern web applications (many run entirely in the browser), but we’re rarely writing tests to verify that our high expectations are met. In this 1/2 day workshop we’ll give you the tools and techniques […]

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Rob Tarr
Ryan Cromwell

SMACSS Workshop

The SMACSS Workshop is a full day of instruction and exercises on writing HTML and CSS using a flexible and modular approach that will improve team efficiency and minimize problems with growing projects. It takes the e-book and brings it to life with practical examples and in-depth discussion. Get the full background info on this […]

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Jonathan Snook

Beyond Responsive

Responsive web design has taken our industry by storm and with good reason: it helps us improve our reach with less effort. But incorporating responsive design is not the goal, meeting our user’s needs is. Responsive design is not an end in itself… it’s just the beginning. We need to embrace the heterogenous nature of the […]

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Aaron Gustafson

JavaScript The Coding Dojo Way

Have you heard that it takes close to 10,000 hours of practice to gain mastery in a skill? As professional developers with a bevy of technical skills, though, how do we practice? Beyond the day-to-day performance of our craft, how do we hone our skills like a musician might? What does it look like to […]

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David Rogers
Justin Herrick

Build Right: Collaboration Workshop

The secret to truly successful work is not in the technology used, but in the people involved working together. This beautiful, new, multi-device web requires us to let go of old ways of thinking and invest in our people over our process. Being part of a team that operates like this requires a level of […]

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Rob Harr
Ben Callahan

Responsive Patterns

As responsive web design continues to evolve, we’re confronted with difficult problems about how to create adaptive interfaces that look and function beautifully across many screen sizes and environments. How do we handle navigation that?s four levels deep? How do we deal with large data tables? How well do modules like lightboxes, tabs, embeddable maps and more translate to various contexts?

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Brad Frost

Responsive Design Approach, Design Principles, Process and Workflow

The Web landscape has evolved, so our thinking, process, and workflow need to adapt if we want to keep up. This workshop will take a look at the myriad ways to approach our multi-device Web reality, and introduce some key principles of adaptive design. We’ll also tackle the insanely difficult issue of evolving your team’s process and workflow in order to create amazing multi-device Web experiences.

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Brad Frost

Getting Offline—HTML5 Offline Features For Better, Faster, Smarter Apps And Sites

You’ve probably heard that HTML5 provides developers with all kinds of “offline” capabilities for their sites and apps. But you might not be so familiar with how these technologies. such as the Application Cache, localstorage, and FileSystem APIs can help make any web site better, faster, more user friendly.
Workshop class is Monday July 28th
[check in at 8am – workshop starts at 9am]

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John Allsopp

Frontend Developer Tooling

The Build Right Frontend Tooling Workshop will help you eliminate development pain and friction by introducing you to modern development processes and tools. Staying ahead of the curve is difficult, and it’s easy to quickly feel out-of-date or left behind.
Workshop class is Monday July 28th
[check in and workshop starts at 1pm]

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Adam Simpson